Silver Screen Queens

Reviewing movies and the culture that surrounds them.

  • Every Wednesday
  • Averages around 39 minutes

Melissa Savage and Katie Molloy met in film class, and haven’t been able to stop talking movies ever since. Each week they watch a movie and review it, stopping to make plenty of nerdy references along the way.

330: I Am Mother

Published 18 September 2019 • 38 minutes, 24 seconds

This new Netflix sci-fi may be only a middling look at motherhood, but less than 24 hours after this episode was recoded, Mel gave birth.

329: It Chapter 2

Published 11 September 2019 • 43 minutes, 11 seconds

The second half of Stephen King’s IT gets the big budget, big star treatment (and nearly three hours of run time).

328: Triple Frontier

Published 4 September 2019 • 30 minutes, 40 seconds

Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal and Ben Affleck in a Netflix movie? As former special forces soldiers taking on South American drug lords? Count us in! A new instalment of the long-running ‘Katie watches Oscar Isaac’s entire filmography’ series.

327: Late Night

Published 28 August 2019 • 40 minutes, 41 seconds

Mindy Kaling gave Emma Thompson the great gift of this role as the host of a long-running late night show facing oblivion as her show nears three decades on air. Kaling takes her expert-level rom-com game and applies it here to the story of a diversity hire in a white, male world, taking us on a tour of how race and gender play out in Hollywood with a comedic touch.

326: Always Be My Maybe

Published 21 August 2019 • 42 minutes, 54 seconds

SSQ fave Randall Park teams up with comedian Ali Wong to make a Netflix comedy about a high-flying chef reunited with her stuck-in-high-school childhood best friend after a long absence. Featuring a buzzy Keanu Reeves cameo, we had to give it a go.

325: Outlaw King

Published 14 August 2019 • 43 minutes, 49 seconds

Chris Pine in a Netflix movie! Where he gets naked! Sign us up! Our favourite Starfleet Captain/Superhero Love Interest/Indie Darling takes on the juicy role of 12th century rebel Scottish leader Robert the Bruce, ably supported by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Tony Curran, and reteaming with Hell or High Water director David Mackenzie.

324: Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

Published 7 August 2019 • 41 minutes, 9 seconds

The Fast & Furious franchise gives its two biggest stars their own spin-off, and finally teams The Rock with Jason Statham (ably assisted by Idris Elba and Vanessa Kirby). The explosions are as big as the muscles as car nerdery gives way to more generic, physics-denying stunts, exotic locations and showy cameos as Universal wrings every last dollar out of their superhero franchise.

323: The Lion King (2019)

Published 31 July 2019 • 44 minutes, 39 seconds

Disney’s nostalgia goldmine continues to deliver with a live-action (CGI-action?) remake of everyone’s childhood favourite The Lion King, directed by friend of the pod Jon Favreau. How long will they keep making these? Are we part of the problem for giving them attention? Did Mel really take her two-week old to a screening? the answers are: until it becomes unprofitable, maybe, and yes.

322: The Handmaiden

Published 24 July 2019 • 37 minutes, 53 seconds

We missed this highly-regarded film from Korean director Park Chan-Wook (director of one of our oft-overlooked favourites, Stoker) because it missed out on an Australian release back in 2016. Based on an English novel, it tells the story of two women brought together in unusual circumstances in Japanese-ruled Korea in the 1930s. We finally caught it on Netflix in 2018.

321: Spider-Man: Far From Home

Published 17 July 2019 • 56 minutes, 20 seconds

Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man takes Europe, and helps Marvel audiences recover from the Endgame! We were a little late in getting this episode out, due to the small matter of the arrival of a new human.