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284: Halloween (2018)

Published 31 October 2018 Hosted by Katie Molloy and Melissa Savage

For the ninth episode in the long-running franchise, Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, in a film that is definitely a sequel to the 1978 original, but only kinda sorta a sequel to its seven other sequels. Billed as Laurie’s final* showdown with legendary slasher Michael Myers, we find her isolated from her family (daughter Judy Greer and granddaughter Andi Matichak), and needing to tap reserves of strength and preparation built up over four decades living in fear.

* refer to HALLOWEEN’s box office to see if you think there will be another film in the franchise…

Episode Chapters

Start Time Title
00:00:00Intro and spoiler free review
00:02:20Spoiler section

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